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A Small Word of Homage and Celebration"Sophia", Vol. 4, No. 2, 1998Ramachandran, Mudumbaï Multiple
This chapter from Michael Fitzgerald's book Frithjof Schuon: Messenger of the Perennial Philosophy (World Wisdom, 2010), is a brief overview of how Frithjof Schuon came to write poetry, his reasons for doing so, and the nature of his work, including some examples of the Perennialist sage's didactic verses.
A Profusion of SongsFrithjof Schuon: Messenger of the Perennial Philosophy (Chapter 23)Fitzgerald, Michael Oren Multiple
Frithjof Schuon was also a noted artist whose paintings and sketches reflected his concern with the spiritual vocation of man, Beauty, virtue, and the reality of creation as a mirror of God. This chapter (number 18) from Michael Oren Fitzgerald's book Frithjof Schuon: Messenger of the Perennial Philosophy covers how Schuon was led to create his works of art, his choice of subjects, and his sense of aesthetics, and includes some reproductions of his sketches and paintnings.
An Artistic DimensionFrithjof Schuon: Messenger of the Perennial Philosophy (Chapter 18)Fitzgerald, Michael Oren Multiple
It is generally recognized that Frithjof Schuon had a special interest in the spiritual traditions of the American Indians, but only some aspects of his relationship with them are well known. The online journal Vincit Omnia Veritas, which published six issues between 2005 and 2007, interviewed Michael Fitzgerald on the subject of Schuon's many decades of interest in, and study of, American Indian spirituality in its many dimensions. This interview, posted on the Religio Perennis website, remains one of the most in-depth explications of Schuon's frequent focus on many aspects of American Indian traditions. Fitzgerald also gives some important historical context to the life and times of Schuon, to his American Indian contacts and friends, and to the work of Joseph Epes Brown, a scholar of Indian Studies and a friend to both Black Elk and Schuon.
Frithjof Schuon and the American Indian Spirit: Interview with Michael Fitzgerald"Vincit Omnia Veritas" (III, 2)Fitzgerald, Michael Oren Multiple
This biography of Frithjof Schuon by Mark Perry appears on the web site of World Wisdom, the publisher of most of Schuon's books in English. Mark Perry was a close associate of Frithjof Schuon for many years, as were his parents, Whitall and Barbara. Mark Perry is himself a writer and metaphysician, and this biography of Schuon includes some insights that only a person very famililar with the Perennial Philosophy and with Schuon's comprehensive perspective could pen.
Biography of Frithjof Schuonauthor page of Frithjof Schuon on worldwisdom.comPerry, Mark Frithjof Schuon
This is the first chapter of the 2010 book Frithjof Schuon and the Perennial Philosophy, by Harry Oldmeadow. The chapter gives a biographical overview of Schuon's life. Besides a chronology of dates, Oldmeadow delves into important aspects of Schuon's development as a metaphysician, artist and poet, who would become so closely identified with the school of thought called the Perennial Philosophy.
Frithjof Schuon: A Sage for the TimesFrithjof Schuon and the Perennial Philosophy (chapter 1)Oldmeadow, Harry Multiple
This excerpt is taken from “Introducing the Writings of Frithjof Schuon” (the ‘Introduction’) in The Essential Frithjof Schuon. It was written by the editor, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, and is a short biography of the preeminent Perennialist philosopher.
Who is Frithjof Schuon?Essential Frithjof Schuon, The, ed. Seyyed Hossein Nasr (1986, 2005); excerpted from the ‘Introduction’Nasr, Seyyed Hossein Frithjof Schuon
The “Introduction” to Frithjof Schuon: Messenger of the Perennial Philosophy covers a summary of the three dimensions of Schuon’s work (comprehension, concentration, conformation), a brief discussion of how his own life was led in the light of these dimensions, and then presents the essential elements of Schuon’s message in some further details. These elements are discussed under sections titles “Metaphysical Truth,” “Life of Prayer,” and “Moral Conformity.” Besides Fitzgerald’s explication, his points are reinforced by extensive quotes from Schuon’s unique prose, and his poetry.
Introduction to “Frithjof Schuon: Messenger of the Perennial Philosophy”Frithjof Schuon: Messenger of the Perennial PhilosophyFitzgerald, Michael Oren Frithjof Schuon
At Variance with GuénonFrithjof Schuon: Messenger of the Perennial Philosophy (Chapter 11)Fitzgerald, Michael Oren Frithjof Schuon
Foreword to “Frithjof Schuon: Messenger of the Perennial Philosophy”Frithjof Schuon: Messenger of the Perennial PhilosophyStoddart, William Frithjof Schuon
The American Indian Culture and Research Journal summarizes this article by Fitzgerald in this way: “This article provides new information that will oblige scholars to reassess the legacy of Black Elk (1863–1950), including excerpts from recently discovered unpublished letters written by Joseph Epes Brown while he was living with the Lakota holy man (1947–49). The author provides insights into Brown's personal philosophy and a clearer context for the editorial role he played in recording The Sacred Pipe: Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux. Brown's letters also help to illuminate Black Elk's role in attempting to restore the sacred “religion of the Pipe” among the Sioux and to clarify controversies that include Black Elk's dual participation in Catholicism.” For readers of Perennialist writings, it is noteworthy that Fitzgerald's article also includes important new insight into Frithjof Schuon's role in the chain of events leading to the recording of Black Elk's teachings on the Seven Rites.
New Light on Black Elk and The Sacred PipeAmerican Indian Culture and Research Journal 41:4 (2017)Fitzgerald, Michael Oren Multiple
Clicking the pdf link will take you to the beginning of editor Thierry Béguelin’s Preface in a longer document. The document, on the Matheson Trust website, contains the front matter of the book “Towards the Essential: Letters of a Spiritual Master”, the Preface, and a selection of letters written by Frithjof Schuon to some of his many correspondents, from the initial section of the book "Letters to Christian Correspondents." The full Table of Contents is on page 4 of the linked document.
Editor’s “Preface”Towards the Essential: Letters of a Spiritual Master (The Matheson Trust, 2021)Béguelin, Thierry Multiple
This is the “Introduction” to Letters of Frithjof Schuon: Reflections on the Perennial Philosophy, by Frithjof Schuon, edited by Michael O. Fitzgerald, 2022. This is a rare view into the life and character of the metaphysician, artist, and poet Frithjof Schuon by his wife of almost fifty years, Catherine Schuon. In it, she provides vignettes from her life with Mr. Schuon as well as details of his earlier life which he related to her. The purpose of her approach in the piece is clear — it is not to divulge private moments or intimate details, but to expand a reader's understanding of the intellectual, moral, artistic, and above all the spiritual ground upon which the man and thus his voluminous works stood, and still stand. It is a remarkable overview of a remarkable expositor of the full dimensions of the philosophia perennis.
The Introduction to "Letters of Frithjof Schuon"Letters of Frithjof Schuon: Reflections on the Perennial PhilosophySchuon, Catherine Frithjof Schuon
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